Karya tulis pertama Beverly Barton diterima oleh Silhouette Desire, bagian dari Harlequin, berjudul Yankee Lover yang berlatarbelakang kota kelahirannya, Tuscumbia, Alabama. Telah enam puluh buku novel romansa ia tulis, namun nenek dua cucu ini meraih sukses besar setahun terakhir ini dengan seri Griffin Powel yang bergenre romansa suspens. Ia mampu meramu kisah asmara yang mendebarkan dengan detail-detail yang membangkitkan rasa ketakutan. (www.beverlybarton.com)

Seri Protectors
This Side of Heaven (1992)
Paladin’s Woman (1993)
Defending His Own (1995)
The Outcast (1995)
Blackwood’s Woman (1996)
Guarding Jeannie (1996)
A Man Like Morgan Kane (1997)
Roarke’s Wife (1997)
Gabriel Hawk’s Lady (1998)
Keeping Annie Safe (1999)
Egan Cassidy’s Kid (2000)
Murdock’s Last Stand (2000)
Jack’s Christmas Mission (2001)
Navajo’s Woman (2001)
Sweet Caroline’s Keeper (2001)
Whitelaw’s Wedding (2001)
On Her Guard (2002)
The Princess’s Bodyguard (2002)
Grace Under Fire (2003)
Protectors: The Early Years (omnibus) (2003)
Downright Dangerous (2004)
Keeping Baby Secret (2004)
Laying His Claim (2004)
Worth Dying for (2004)
Back to the Beginning (2005)
The Beginning (omnibus) (2005)
Ramirez’s Woman (2005)
Dangerous Deception (2006)
Penny Sue Got Lucky (2006)
His Only Obsession (2007)
A Time To Die (2007)
Dying For You (2008)

3 Babies for 3 Brothers
Having His Baby (1999)
His Secret Child (1999)
His Woman, His Child (1999)

Cherokee Point
1. The Fifth Victim (2003)
2. The Last to Die (2004)
3. As Good As Dead (2004)

Griffin Powell
1. Killing Her Softly (2005)
2. Close Enough to Kill (2006)
3. The Dying Game (2007)
4. The Murder Game (2008)

Yankee Lover (1990)
Lucky in Love (1991)
Out of Danger (1991)
Sugar Hill (1992)
Talk of the Town (1992)
The Wanderer (1993)
Lover and Deceiver (1994)
Nothing But Trouble (1994)
The Mother of My Child (1994)
The Tender Trap (1996)
A Child of Her Own (1997)
Emily and the Stranger (1998)
After Dark (2000)
Every Move She Makes (2001)
What She Doesn’t Know (2002)
Faith, Hope and Love (2002)
Amnesia (2007)
Cold Hearted (2008)
Silent Killer (2009)

3, 2, 1… Married! (1999) (ditulis bareng Marie Ferrarella dan Sharon Sala)
Special Deliveries (2001) (ditulis bareng Janice Kaiser)
MacKenzie’s Pleasure / Defending His Own (2001) (ditulis bareng Linda Howard)
Beneath His Shield (2002) (ditulis bareng Lindsay McKenna)
Dangerous to Love (2002) (ditulis bareng Marie Ferrarella dan Lindsay McKenna)
Holding Out for Her Hero (2003) (ditulis bareng Lindsay McKenna)
Long Hot Summer (2004) (ditulis bareng Lindsay McKenna)
Downright Dangerous / Sweet Suspicion (2004) (ditulis bareng Nina Bruhns)
Forces of Nature (2004) (ditulis bareng Heather Graham)
Keeping Baby Secret / Passionate Proposal (2004) (ditulis bareng Emilie Rose)
Laying His Claim / Awaken to Pleasure (2004) (ditulis bareng Nalini Singh)
Midnight Seduction / Keeping Baby Secret (2004) (ditulis bareng Justine Davis)
Insider / Check Mate (2004) (ditulis bareng Ingrid Weaver)
Expecting the Cop’s Baby (2005) (ditulis bareng Myrna Temte)
Laying His Claim / Miss Pruitt’s Private Life (2005) (ditulis bareng Barbara McCauley)
Ramirez’s Woman / Beast Within (2005)
Her Bodyguard (2005) (ditulis bareng Judith Duncan)
So This is Christmas / Third Christmas / Faith, Hope dan Love / Perfect Holiday (2005) (ditulis bareng Margot Early dan Sherryl Woods)
Sugar and Spice (2006) (ditulis bareng Joanne Fluke, Shirley Jump dan Fern Michaels)
Her Rescuer (2006) (ditulis bareng Eileen Wilks)
Guarding Her Body (2007) (ditulis bareng Lindsay McKenna)
Most Likely to Die (2007) (ditulis bareng Lisa Jackson dan Wendy Corsi Staub)
Protecting Her (2008) (ditulis bareng Suzanne Brockmann)
Ready for Marriage? (2008) (ditulis bareng Ann Major dan Anne Marie Winston)

More Than Words, Volume 2: What Amanda Wants / The Yellow Ribbon / The Way Home / Shelter from the Storm / Into the Groove (2005) (ditulis bareng Jasmine Cresswell, Julie Elizabeth Leto, Debbie Macomber dan Sharon Sala)

Seri Kontribusi Babies and Bachelors
Cameron (1993)

Way Out West
Lone Wolf’s Lady (1998)

36 Hours
Nine Months (1998)

Fortunes of Texas
In the Arms of a Hero (2000)

Year of Loving Dangerously
Her Secret Weapon (2000)

Lone Star Country Club
The Debutantes: Jenna’s Wild Ride / Reinventing Mary / Frankie’s First Dress (omnibus) (2002) (ditulis bareng Ann Major dan Christine Rimmer)
The Rebel’s Return (2002)
The Debutantes: Jenna’s Wild Ride / Reinventing Mary / Frankie’s First DressThe Rebel’s Return

Family Secrets
Check Mate (2004)

Raintree: Sanctuary (2007)
Raintree (omnibus) (2008) (ditulis bareng Linda Howard dan Linda Winstead Jones)